My Film Making Inspiration 

This tab is to tell you who i respect a bunch in the film making community.check them out on there you tube channels.

#1  Nick (Rosen chuck1)
rosen chuck makes some good action/drama films the film that he inspired me to make SI-FI films was "HOLLOW"check it out really cool setting and nice effects.

#2  Freddie Wong (Freddiew & Freddiew2)

wow Freddie Wong is one of my favorite film makers he makes comedic/action/dramatic films. his films that inspired me was 'Frozen crossing part 1 & 2" and "chrono trigger" check him out

#3  Sam & niko (Corridor Digital)

they inspired me by all of the epic VFX tests and frozen crossing.

#4  Resistant Films (xXProjectSupernovaXx)

the film i thought was awesome was the end of days short films nice action. they make action films.

#5 Clinton Jones (PWNISHER)

Clinton Jones is a awesome film maker him make all sorts of films. the video that got me hook was "war promo footage" pretty sick.